Tarzan pencils #tarzan

Gutter Magic Interview


David Harper granted me an incredibly kind interview over a Sktchd.com where I had the opportunity to speak a bit about my long, winding road to working on Gutter Magic and my process behind the pages.


I hope you’ll get a chance to check it out!



Galactus sketch. 



A Rogue piece I did as a gift for a friend of my wife.

Thanks for looking!  I hope your New Year is a great one!


Moebius Homage

Moebius homage.  About thirty-five minutes.  I recall the first time I saw his work while I was in high school.  Was it that Punisher piece?  Elektra?  It was so different.  I don’t recall then thinking he would have the influence on my work he has had in the years that followed.

Here’s to a blessed 2016!


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