Commission process 1

I’ve had to put off updating the site to try to catch up with some work.  I’m currently working on a really cool personal commission–a sword fight between Afro Samurai and Kill Bill’s The Bride.  Understandably I was very excited for the opportunity to explore this scene.  I’ve been asked in the past, a number of times, if I’m every going to get back to Afro Samurai stuff.  I finally get the chance here.

I thought I’d post process images to give a general idea of how I work.  These days, virtually everything I do is digital.  I bought a tablet after talking with Scott Mccloud ( a few years back at the NYCC.  So, all of these are done in Photoshop.  I use a brush I downloaded from Scott Robertson(  I highly recommend subscribing to his You Tube channel here:

This is the first pass.  I rough-in the characters, and try to set the scene and portray the characters as truly as possible, in a general, gestural way.  I want the characters posed and expressive in a way that is true to them.  So a lot of thought goes in to this stage.


I’ll post the next stage tomorrow.

As always, thanks for dropping by!



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