Gutter Magic Post Mortem 1.75

Well, ok…since you insist.  😉 

This is the cover repaint I had intended, only partially completed (obviously), but this is likely where it will be staying.  It’s very inspired by Atkinson Grimshaw, whose moody palettes captured exactly what I wanted to do with the first issue of Gutter Magic.  The logo would have been painted onto the brick of the building at the left, faded and chipped. 

But we went another direction.  That’s one of the things that most impacts me about the comics industry; how fluid things are.  I think it’s easy to over-emphasize the creative process, putting an emphasis on creating, creating, creating that just can’t be sustained in light of deadlines.  You have to be creative and fast, the books must go out.  I certainly need to learn and relearn this.  If I could go back to the beginning of my career, this is probably one of the chief points I would make to my younger self.  Speed is of the essence!  You have to be quick enough that the tempo at which things change doesn’t catch you off-guard. 

…and it has to look good.  There’s that.  🙂


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