Gutter Magic Post Mortem 1

The Cover:

At long last, Gutter Magic has been completed. I want to use this space to write a bit about the experience for anyone interested, as it was rich with
learning and growth and may be of interest to someone else–sort of a behind-the-scenes, but also a journal of what I learned.  To start off, I’ll address the cover for the first issue.

general, I think it works. I really wanted this first issue’s cover to
convey, to distill the world of Gutter Magic into a single image.  I’d
worked hard on the interiors to create a unique and believable world,
something with real depth.  Bringing that to the cover, trying to yell
that out from rows and rows of other covers, was definitely something I
pondered a lot.  I looked at Dave Johnson’s amazing cover critique blog (and kinda fudged a rule here or there), but I think this generally
works.  It puts the viewer’s focus, which is Cinder’s focus, on the
decapitated Chrysler Building.  It towers over his character, lights
impossibly lit and glowing ominously.  Cinder’s back is to us (yeah,
this is probably the biggest rule I broke), but it was important to me
Cinder NOT interact with the viewer.  Personally, I don’t like covers
and movie posters with characters or people looking out at the viewer.  
It often reads as desperate to me; “Please!  Look at me!  I’m worth your
time (money).”  Cinder, however, couldn’t care less if we’re there.  He
is singularly focused on his goal, as will become evident throughout
the series.  

Interestingly, this wasn’t my intended final cover.
This cover had been done for the ashcan Rich had printed up for the
NYCC, way back when we were looking for a publisher.  The final cover
(someday I may post what I completed of it) was to be painted and evoke a
very specific period feel.  I think this works, it just forced me to
rethink the rest of the covers, which would no longer be tied together,
as I’d intended.

In any case, this piece was inked in Painter (the only time I did anything in Painter for this series) and colored in Photoshop.

I hope you like.  Thanks for dropping by!


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