Gutter Magic Issue 1 from IDW Jan 20, 2016!

At long last I can officially announce Gutter Magic Issue 1 will be in stores on January 20, 2016.  It is written by Rich DouekJules Rivera colored it, Nic J Shaw provided the lettering and I illustrated it.  It will be published through IDW in conjunction with Comics Experience.  This is very exciting news and I’m really excited to finally see this book in print.

I genuinely hope you like it.


Newsarama gives Gutter Magic #1 a 9/10!

guttermagic1Gutter Magic, the book I’ve been illustrating, written by the very talented Rich Douek (, was recently awarded a 9/10 on! You can check out the review at this link (we’re down toward the bottom): Obviously, we’re very excited. It’s the fulfillment of very longtime dream of mine to be positively reviewed on Newsarama.

…Next time, we’re going for a 10/10! 🙂


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