Adam Strange

Adam Strange sketch.  I love the old sci-fi feel of this character.



Gutter Magic Post Mortem 2

When I started out on Gutter Magic, I wanted a very specific look.  I had in mind a highly-textured, worn world, clearly patched-together.  I was experimenting at the time with working digitally and decided to pencil and digitally ink the entire thing.  I used modified versions of the amazing NKS5 brushes.  If you don’t know about these, please do yourself a favor and check them out.

I used the NKS5 pencil brush to pencil the pages on page templates I created, based off some old Image art board I had (which, turned out to be the wrong dimensions for use with the company that eventually picked up Gutter Magic, but more on that some other day).  I was proceeding with the inking, but wasn’t happy with how it looked.  It just didn’t look like Gutter Magic to me.  I wanted this world to be textured and worn, but the black and white just didn’t work for me.  Gutter Magic features and morally gray protagonist.  What won’t he do to reach his goals?  The black and white were too contrasted.  I needed something to further emphasize the gray area Cinder operates in.

I had been revisiting Leinil Yu’s amazing work on Ultimate Wolverine vs Hulk and loved the texture and tonal variations he accomplished through the use of pencils only.  While I can’t imagine colorists would be too happy with this, the style was exactly what I wanted.  The tonal variations, the depth I could accomplish through rendering, the grittiness…the HUGE amount of pencil strokes per panel…ah, that’s just what I was looking for (all except that last one.)

What do you think?  Does it work?  I think it does.  It was a lot of work..a LOT of work…but I loved the tones.  This is a world Cinder would operate and thrive in. 

***Bonus points to anyone noticing the page was originally drawn to full-bleed.  This caused problems as well and had to be changed…after having completed an issue and a half.  I had initially wanted to go with full-bleed to draw the reader in even more, make the experience more immersive.  I don’t know if it would have actually accomplished this.  I’m still torn on this.  Editorial thought it would look messy with two pages running together in the spine.