C is for Cable

One of my favorite Marvel characters.

Hobgoblin Final

And finally, the colors!


Hobgoblin Inks

Next I add the inks.


Hobgoblin Pencils

Pencils for a Hobgoblin sketch.


‘A’ is for Ant Man

So my wife suggested I do an alphabetical sketch series of characters.  I thought that was a great idea, so I’ve decided for my first 26 to be of bit two characters.  

Her suggestion for the first was Ant Man.  I wanted to go for a sort of cowboy vibe with this one, really try and play up the cool factor for the character.  I hope this relaxed moment in the saddle works.



I always loved this costume.

Pen, ink, watercolor sketch.



Galactus sketch. 



A Rogue piece I did as a gift for a friend of my wife.

Thanks for looking!  I hope your New Year is a great one!