Scott LeMien

My favorite parts of this week’s challenge involved drawing something people often dread drawing: horses! I had to pull out my drawing books and found something that helped me a lot with horse structure.

My biggest regret was that I didn’t google horse racing from the start. There are some amazing perspective shots of horses running that would have made for incredible panels.

My concerns going forward, is that there’s things I don’t like about digital. Sometimes it’s like wearing a jeweler’s eyeglass, and even when you zoom out on your page it doesn’t really show you exactly how it will look when you print it out. Even with my bad eyesight, I feel like I would have a better handle on the wholeness of the page only by physically handling it. And I’m someone who started making comics digitally first, about 15 years ago. Digital makes complicated things easier, though, Like layered compositions.

I also wonder if my comic reads as sloppy or rushed to others. Tbh I’m looking at comics that are leaning towards broken lines and cast shadows, which is about as opposite as you can get to modern comics, with clean closed lines and colored shadows.

Things I tried to do in my comic that you might not be aware of:
Panel 1: wanted clear line from woman’s pointing arm to next panel.
Panel 2: wanted them looking backwards, so you go down a row to next set of panels. If you notice my layouts and pencils, I couldn’t draw the horse right with him turned slightly away. I later found a horse that was in that pose, with a jockey on it, and then I shrunk my devil guy on accident, over-relying on the reference to get that high-pose, and since jockeys are small… also, horse was kinda rushed.
Panel 3- you can see this wasn’t in layout. I wanted to explain the big collision panel better, so I had to juggle panels and sizes to fit it all in.
Panel 4- one of my favorite panels. I look at this as two panels. In my foreground, the sign is foreshadowing. The shadow on the cliff by the N in the sign closes off the distance from the riders further off. Plus, having them small makes the upcoming action really set up well, imo.

Panel 5- I wasn’t sure if this worked beyond layout. I like the falling back figures, not sure if the insufficiently rendered white horse is okay, or if there’s too much hoof contact with ground confusion. I loved the idea of them tumbling back though, from up on high, and the sharp angle Ghost Rider cuts in on also leading you to next set of panels. Dirt splatters are too sloppy.

Panel 6- I don’t think this worked until I added some space on the right and more falling horse than I had I in layout. I like the text and barely suggested chasm and overlap of falling figures. I’m kinda happy with this panel.

Panel 7- had this from get-go. Seems okay.

Okay, enough about me.

Steel- I think you got an amazing sinister mood down for yours. The red eyes on the horse, the projecting shotgun, the heavy shadows all mean business. I’m guessing that the effect around his head is the phosphoresence of his costume. Right on! Got my vote!

Brett- looks great! Panel 2 is my favorite, tbh. Can’t get enough of upshots! Also, Like the landscape rendering on the next panel. Ghost Rider being the surprise works as a great page turner, since we will turn the page to see exactly how he surprised who I’m assuming is the bad guy leader. Much better drawn than mine. Great stagecoach setup, too, with watch reinforcing strategy. Leader staying back in shadows, good stuff. Only thing I might question is decision to cut off riders at horse legs as they go forward. Good opportunity for more demanding, exciting angle on then.

Mwrcy- your storytelling is always unbelievably good! That dark sun, the almost vampiric face on ghost rider, the sign, the trapped, almost sad animal on the ledge below with the wolf above. You have to get her story for this picture, Brett!

Knight- great, clear pose! It’s a difficult thing to get right and you hit it out of the park! His gun is still smoking! Your color choices always stand out for their clarity as well.

Okay I’m exhausted from typing, and already anxious about missing time towards next week’s challenge.