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Brett Barkley

Steel! This rocks, man! You know I love Metal Gear and Solid Snake. Great job on seeing and fixing some of the mistakes in the pencils. You’re on the right track with this way of thinking, but one way to fix it is to nail this in the roughs phase. At the point when I’m using the carpenter pencil, or when you’re doing your rough pencils. Whatever tool you’re using, you should be able to see the general high-level structure of the basic form of the figure and even the basic forms in the face. You can do this in any number of ways (gesturing in the cross over the face, blocking out a general area for the eye socket–in the shape almost of the lens of a pair of sunglasses, gesturing in an inverted pyramid for the nose and shadow under it…things like that). But it should be done in the roughs phase. We work in phases so each phase does the heavy lifting for a particularly thing. When you’re gesturing in a figure, you’re getting the pose and action of the form done and NOT worrying about the details of the hair or costume. You’re not even worrying about the specific anatomy in the gesture phase. If you do one primary thing in that particular phase, at least to start, and you’ll see your art really take off.

In terms of what to work on, Steel, I’d like to see you trying more is putting more space between the eyes. The eyes always look too close to me, even for a different, more manga style of work. Try to experiment with maybe one eye’s width between the eyes and go from there.

Great work!