Brett Barkley

Steel – I was genuinely impressed when I saw this. Truly, this is fantastic work. I think the coloring is just beautiful, particularly on the mail plating. I think the pose is solid and confident. This does what comic art should–it looks cool. But I think there are some things holding it back. The biggest issue I can see is the proportions are off in places. The hands are tiny and the hips and thighs feel a little big. It also seems like you ran out of space for the horns. But, Steel, these are REALLY easy things to fix–you’ve got probably the toughest thing down–you’re making cool, exciting art. The other things are just issues of taking a little more time and working on your pencils. The under-drawing is the MOST important part of the drawing. If you get it started right, you’ll be able to get the most out of it. I’d recommend you take just a little more time and work on the first stage, roughing it out, getting your proportions and general forms down a little better. I’m REALLY looking forward to seeing what you do! Holy Smokes! This is a really cool piece of art!

Newbold – Love it! I particularly love the inked version. You bring a really tough and formidable feel to the character. Your take on the armor is really cool. Those knee pads are amazing! The tech on the arms is just beautiful. The only suggestion I can offer you is the pose feels a little awkward…it could that her left upper arm and right thigh have similar vectors. It may have helped to swing her right leg around and foreshorten it…maybe even give a cool parallel to her grimacing mouth and those awesome knee pads you designed, while keeping her arms back and to her right. The arms, the knee pads–you put some effort in to those things–don’t hesitate to showcase your work and effort, man.

Knight – I love where you’re going with this piece. I think you have a great pose that reads as confident and with the text, it almost reminds me the Game Over screen for a fighting game. I think we need to get you a better inking brush for Photoshop. And I need to teach you how to color, so you have a more professional final piece. I’m curious–do you think it would be easier for you to get a better final product if you did the art traditionally with paper and pencil? It can be tough inking on a computer. Trust me. I know. I’m wondering if you’d have lines that were less shaky if you did this traditionally and then maybe scanned it in and colored it on the computer. Let me know what you think.

Brett Wood – I really liked this piece. I really liked your take/interpretation of the character. I think this is one of the strongest pieces I’ve seen you do. I can see you pushed yourself on this. I hope you continue to, because I really like the direction you’re going. The figure proportions work, solid blacks on the figure and the interspersing of the fine lines work really, really well (particularly how the figure is balanced with fine lines on the lower legs, for instance, against the fine lines of solid black of the hair in the upper half.) This is really solid work. In my mind, there are really only two suggestions I could make on this pieces. First, I think the feet feel a little cartoonier than the rest of the figure. It’s not a big deal and I went back and forth on even bringing it up. I think take that or leave it. The other issue is I’d like to see more of the figure in the piece. I don’t know what image size you’re working at, but this is good work–don’t hesitate to give your figure more prominence in the image. The background was fine, but I think she needed to take up more space.
I’ve attached two images below. The first shows your image cropped differently to showcase the figure. I think this is already a big improvement.

This image is the same general idea, but with a lowered vanishing point and I titled the horizon line. It’s rough, but I think it gives a pretty decent idea of how you can get more power out the same general idea for you image, but with just a little bit of horizon line and vanishing point tweaking.

I’m really impressed with what you did this time around. I’d really like to see you push yourself just a bit more. Maybe try playing with the vanishing points or horizon line and see what you come up with.
Dafu – Beautiful as always! I love that face (just perfect) and your line work…I wish my hand was as steady as yours. The battle damage is great (I wouldn’t mind seeing some scuffing maybe on the face, or the rest of the body–but it’s no big deal). I’d just love to see this finished someday, man. Gorgeous and very inspiring work here. That’s a really good way to start–I hope we get to see more. 🙂

I hope this helps a little, guys. Let me know if you have any questions. And now, back to the Drawing Cave! Ha ha.