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Brett Barkley

Joe! I’m finally getting a chance to write you. Sorry for the delay. I’m almost done with my current project, so I’ll write more when 8 can, but this is really solid stuff. I really like where your style is going and how it’s developing. I’ve been really impressed with your growth.

I have some thoughts on page 1. The first two panels are too similar…and I think it is most to do with the foreground crowd and camera angle… In order to mix it up and make the scene progression more visually engaging, what if we zoomed in a bit and raised the camera a bit (while still keeping the security and speaker in the background? Maybe we could better focus on the crowd’s horrified expressions, see the security guards scrambling in the background and in the foreground, maybe we could almost show the scene from Clayface’s perspective, a sludgey hand reaching from off-label to push people aside. This leads in yo panel three, where I think it would work better reversed. Because of the way we read, we interpret left-to-right action as forward-moving, while we read right-to-left action as more defensive, or pushing back.

Just some quick thoughts.