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    Brett Barkley


    Just a reminder that we’re currently in The Art Clash version 1.1. The primary difference in this iteration is each week’s Art Clash will feature two tiers of competition: sequential and pin-up. Anyone entering can choose to illustrate that week’s challenge in a sequential storytelling form (page templates will be provided here) or as a stand-alone, pin-up-style image. Build and illustrate a story of your own around an Art Clash challenge, or wow your audience with a single powerful image. It’s up to you. We want to foster all levels of creativity here, so this will provide an opportunity for all artists to take their work in whatever direction he or she desires and to whatever degree of finishing.

    SUBJECT: Illustrate a mech designed for undersea combat.

    CONCEPT:  Your mech will regularly face-off against giant aquatic kaiju (as pictured above), so your designs have to be suitable for that level of combat. Feel free to draw the mech in battle with a giant kaiju (also of your own design.)

    Good luck!

    The Rules:
    THE ART CLASH is a weekly art challenge. Each TUESDAY a new Art Clash challenge will be posted. You may work in ANY MEDIA you like, but you must stick to the brief of this week’s Art Clash. And please, no posting old work in the Art Clash. This is about encouraging growth through work, so we expect a new piece every time.

    Your final art will need to be uploaded to an image hosting service (here are a few I recommend: Imgur, Google Photos and Flickr) and then may be posted here ANY time until SUNDAY evening at MIDNIGHT (EST). Voting begins immediately afterward and polls close on MONDAY at MIDNIGHT (EST). So don’t miss out!
    The artist with the most votes for the week by the close of the polls is declared that week’s winner and chooses the next Art Clash.

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    Brett Barkley

    In the event anyone is interested, here are the roughs and some tighter pencils I worked up over a couple of hours tonight. I’ll need to reference some mechs, as I’d like to have something a little cooler for the battle mech, but generally, this is on the way.

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    Scott LeMien

    So.. this was interesting. I basically wrote down a bunch of sentences on paper, then figured I’d start drawing. Initially had even more panels, so I had to keep changing it, making it more intimate.

    Big thing: I had no idea how to lay this out initially. I just drew the first 4 panels on different sheets of paper and threw down some brush pen. Had no idea how it would fit on paper or if it would.. and it didn’t! This forced me to come up with the piping linkups you see as a device to make it understandable. After I placed those 4, I checked the approximate space left for the remaining space a bit better and drew those.

    I did this with brush pen and red pencil, and didn’t bother erasing. I was happy that I hand drew it, mildly annoyed it might not be clear or readable enough, though. Or it might stink compared to digital work.

    I guessed the page template you scanned was at 400 dpi after some math.

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      Brett Barkley

      Scott, I’m just floored! That’s great work! I love it. I definitely see the Mike Hoffman influences. I think it reads great. I’d love to see you do more with this style. Please, do a book!


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        Scott LeMien

        Thanks, Brett! That’s super inspiring. Not sure if I mentioned it, but this doesnt work as a page since I fit 300 dpi art onto a 400 dpi page so it suffers an additional reduction that would likely make it illegible in print. Oh well, live and learn! Good thing I’m not printing this page.

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    Sorry I didn’t have mine up sooner, this week was a long one, I was promoted to Gold Belt in Martial Arts, and so on, but here it is!!!

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    First step 27 – KNIGHT-roughs.jpg

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    Brett Barkley

    And finally…

    Not entirely happy with how this one turned out…more of a slog than it should have been.


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    last stage!!!

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    Scott LeMien

    Hi! Awesome pictures this week! I’m going to decide who I vote for based on how many statements I can make from your pictures of things I need to remember for myself. Studd you did right.

    Contrasting colors work well together!
    Crouching pose suggests immensity.
    One leg facing front and the other turned sideways and placed behind outcropping suggests depth.
    Extra focus on details of legs, closest to us.
    Ground in between also well rendered, leading eye with detail.

    Panel 1, let open airy panels suggest your setting and depth. Big circle behind smaller circle with closest one dwarfing our field of view.
    Panel 2, negative space and silhouettes
    Panel 3, right facing character leads eye to next tier. Also moving eye with big tech pieces and keeping detail around character.
    Panel 4, what an expert suggestion of scale. Each fish shows up in either fore or midground and background! Also plants work really well. I love this panel, tbh.
    Panel 5 Downshot looks dramatic with multiple tiers of ground.
    Panel 6, simplified rendering on mech pushes detail of monster. Water as deadspace allows rendering on plant? (I might be reaching on this last one)

    PS I think I could make a page with these constraints, lol.

    Post steps of process whenever you can.
    Find a way to show the characters faces when engaged in combat.
    Use diagonals in composing action.
    Make interesting negative spaces.
    Add personalizing details (54!)

    Looks like in going with Brett?

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    Brett Barkley

    Looks like we’re calling this a win for Scott. Congratulations, Scott! I look forward to your idea for the next challenge.

    And thanks for the vote and comments. I think I could have done better with the final shot…especially considering it’s the main shot. I think I could have done better with the plant and how I grounded this image in the space, rather than just go with characters floating in open space/water. The plant should have covered some of the main characters, givning a better sense of scale. Also, my mech designs are…ugh. Ha Ha.

    I’ll post up comments later today.


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    Scott LeMien

    My suggestion:

    Design a Superhero Team!
    Your client is considering some comics of their own. They’ve hired you, in addition to many others, to brainstorm directions for a new, small super team of about 3-5 heroes.

    Knockoffs and clones are fine as well, since it will be hard to suggest fully fleshed new personalities on such a small presentation.

    You have a lot of license to go crazy with your ideas so they can stand out. Good luck!

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