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    Brett Barkley

    And I’m going to call this for Joe. I really wish I could have voted for everyone. I really loved this week’s entries. I’ll be posting critiques below, but for now, what’s next, Joe?

    CRITIQUES (v 2.0 I lost the first version, so just imagine them being FAR superior and insightful than what is included below)

    Brett – I had a LOT of trouble going from the reference, continually having to stop myself from just I could have pushed this a lot more. Marc Silvestri has a wonderful confidence in his lines and he does a great job of using graphic shapes to represent complex forms. I’d like to have pushed this more.

    Steel – I think this is just a fantastic piece. I can definitely see your love for Jack Kirby coming through. You did some AMAZINGLY insightful things in this piece that REALLY impress me. By not inking the lines around the lightsaber all the way to it, you give the illusion of light washing out the lines around it. I’m VERY impressed! I think you can still push this style further, though. Don’t focus so much on accurately representing the folds of cloth, for instance, but focus instead on rendering a please graphic representation of the essence of the folds. I think the good news here is that you should look at more Jack Kirby work. 🙂

    Knight – I think this is, by far, the best piece you’ve done! Way to go! The consistent shadows are great and I love how you worked to capture the feel of Mike Mignola’s blocky forms to indicate shape. Just a great piece of work. I want to work with you more on the buildings, but Knight, this is a HUGE leap forward. Please keep bringing this level of work every week!

    James – When I came up with this challenge I KNEW you’d go with Joe Madureira! AWESOME! I really like the piece and I definitely see the Madureira influence coming through. I think maybe you had a similar struggle to my own–relying too heavily on those well-trained art muscles that work pretty much on reflex. I would have really loved to have seen you push the Madureira influence even further. Have you ever seen the first issue of his work on Ultimates v3 that was printed from the pencils? If you can find a copy of that, I’d really recommend it. It will provide you with a ton of reference and inspiration. I actually considered trying to take a shot at doing my take on Joe Madureira’s style. I’m glad I didn’t now. 🙂

    Joe – I think this is your best piece on here to date. Wow, three weeks in and you take the challenge. Way to go! I think you have exactly the right idea about what we wanted to do with this challenge. And fantastic musculature, particularly on the figures’ legs! I too thoroughly enjoy Frank Cho’s line quality. I’d recommend you continue looking at his work, breaking it down and putting it work in your art. I follow Frank on Instagram and he regularly posts pencils and process pieces that would be a huge help for you! I’d recommend going over there and dissecting the heck out of his work until you have the look you’re going for. I’d also recommend putting a little more weight on the contour lines for your figures. It looks like you tried it in places (Robin’s right hand, for instance), but didn’t carry it throughout the piece (compare with Robin’s left arm or Batgirl’s right hand). That will help you figures pop even more. Great win! Congratulations!

    Rachael – I caught the Bryan Lee O’Malley style IMMEDIATELY, so fantastic job on that. I don’t know the character from the title, but would really like to know more. Is this a character of your own? I love the pose and the posture of the figure. This is really, really solid. I think the leading hand (with one exception noted below) is fantastic and powerful. It all has a great energy. The composition on this piece is also very compelling, though I’d really like to have more of the object she’s holding in the frame. There’s enough of it to frame the character, which would be ok if it were just a flat form, but there’s enough detail that we intuitively try to make sense of it…which means it can become the focus of the piece. Additionally, watch the thumbs. On the hand in the foreground, I believe if you simply flipped the thumb horizontally it would fit perfectly. On the background hand, it appears as if you have the thumb on the wrong side; again an easy change to make by just flipping it horizontally. Great job, Rachael!

    So, I hope everyone got something out of this week’s Art Clash. It was very helpful for me. Now on to retraining my art muscle memory, putting into action what I’ve learned!

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    Joe Kemp

    WOW I am super impressed with the quality of the work this week – it just keeps getting stronger! I am so shocked that I won this week with as many powerful entries. Thanks for the votes !!!

    Brett – The lines feel full of action (even though the pose is essentially static) and it has an “image comics” quality that is instantly nostalgic and is of course VERY Silvestri. I think this stands out most in the wolf, the leaves in the background, and the costume details. I really like the attitude of this, which also feels very Silvestri, he looks badass while composed and in full control. Silvestri was always able to make the characters feel distinct and full of personality and you have done that very well.

    Knight – really great work here I love the detail in the costume (the “quilting” and the buttons on the chest plate are very strong). In terms of matching the style Kirby is so iconic and you are a brave man for stepping up to that challenge and i think you did a very good job of accomplishing it. This made me realize how similar the characters of Dr. Doom and Vader are. You really have a knack for the forced perspective of the hand reaching toward the camera which is also very brave considering that the anatomy of the hand can be intimidating to most artists. Fearless artist!

    Steel – the pose and body proportions are VERY Mignola – I am really impressed with this one in terms of recreating “style” of the example. The shadow technique with the jagged edges really makes it feel like Mignola (super cool choice for an artist to imitate and batman is my favorite character so bonus points there!!!). I think having larger sections (shapes more than details) of black in the background would really push it to feel even more like Mignola.

    James Q – the anatomy feels very “Joe Mad!” but I think you could have done more to exaggerate the proportions to really sell the Madureira of it all. I really like the clean finish but the thing that sticks out to me is the tangent of the fist just touching the face. It is a little distracting and I feel like it would add more depth if you made it clearly in front of the face or far enough away so it isn’t “kissing” the face. This video is really insightful on the layering to really create depth (relevant part starts around 3:00 but this channel is AWESOME). Is Alpha Red your own creation? Is he Omega Reds older brother?

    Self Critique – I am really happy with the overall result here – for the first time in these challenges I “finished” all of the components of my vision this is partially because I swiped a cool pose from jose luis garcia lopez so i didnt waste a ton of time thinking about composition and was able to focus more on the style i was trying to emulate. I attempted to go with a Frank Cho look to the lines – I would say I was mildly successful but I dont think anyone would confuse this for a Frank Cho sketch. Really fun challenge and I learned a lot about observing the specifics of what I like about the work that appeals to me.

    Rachael C – *got my vote* of all of the entries this week I feel like this captures the artists style most accurately I love the color and the fact that it looks finished. My only critique is to make her expression less neutral really exaggerate the anger by making the brow more angled or by opening the mouth a bit more. There could be an argument for including more of her cool weapon as well in the cropping maybe move it down further into the frame or crop it in more in a wider landscape orientation.

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    Brett Barkley


    SUBJECT: Any popular culture character
    CONCEPT: Choose your favorite artist and character select a pose from his or her published works, carefully analyze everything you can from the artist’s work on that piece and illustrate your chosen character in that pose and style, replicating the art style as closely as you can.

    Good luck!

    The Rules:

    THE ART CLASH is a weekly art challenge. Each TUESDAY This MONDAY, JANUARY 1,2018 a new Art Clash challenge will be posted. You may work in ANY MEDIA you like, but you must stick to the brief of this week’s Art Clash. And please, no posting old work in the Art Clash. This is about encouraging growth through work, so we expect a new piece every time.
    Your final art will need to be uploaded to an image hosting service (here are a few I recommend: Imgur, Google Photos and Flickr) and then may be posted here ANY time until SUNDAY evening at MIDNIGHT (EST). Voting begins immediately afterward and polls close on MONDAY at MIDNIGHT (EST). So don’t miss out!
    The artist with the most votes for the week by the close of the polls is declared that week’s winner and chooses the next Art Clash.

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    Brett Barkley

    Whew. This was a tough one. It was tough to not keep going back to my own shortcuts. But I think I actually caught a lot in my own work that needs improving, just from this exercise. In any case, Snake Eyes done in Mark Silvestri’s style.

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    If Dr Doom took a day off and let Darth Vader take his place,or if Jack Kirby came down and drew him for me.Well,he’s back in black.

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    I feel good with the art I did this week
    Batman in Mike Mignola’s style

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    My character Alpha Red done in Joe Madureira style.

    Joe Mad Alpha Red

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    Joe Kemp

    Here is mine – I did something a little different – I did a pose by José Luis García-López and did my best to imitate the line style of Frank Cho. Not sure how successful I was but I do feel like I learned a TON on this one – Fantastic idea for a challenge Brett.


    If anyone is interested I also have a time lapse video of my process – the program I use to draw automatically captures a playback and I found it interesting.

    here is the video

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    Rachael C

    “Ruby Rose vs. The World of Remnant”
    I’ve always really loved Bryan Lee O’Malley style. So I enjoyed drawing Ruby Rose (RWBY) in his style.

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    Brett Barkley

    SO IMPRESSED by these entries! This was a tough one, but I know I got a better view of Areas of Opportunity in my art.

    I’ll set up voting now. Good luck, everyone!

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    O man, I think Jack Kirby is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Congrats Joe!

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