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    Scott LeMien

    Found this at 2am last night and was blown away. Too much of perspective involves more information than you really need to just rough stuff in an exciting, super fast way. His solution involves a cheat, but I’m not going talk much about it, since it is freeing me up and I think I can get my son drawing more with this.

    What’s really cool is that it’s so no-frills with mouse drawing, that the concept comws across clearly.

    Check this one first, if you like this you’ll like the rest

    Perspective Part 1

    Part 2 Perspective

    There’s another one on high angles, but posting links on my phone here is getting really cumbersome with this site on a mobile, so ill just paste the link:

    The high angle one is the least efficient, it must have been made first, though.

    Is this TL;DR? Don’t wanna clickey? Generally you are deciding on a rough isometric perspective, with some novel ways of making things seem non technical by filtering it through learning to draw a box or a flipped box for almost anything.

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