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    Scott LeMien

    Not sure if Brett is okay with this, but I figure it’s easier to just post this and let him delete it if he doesn’t like what it is.

    Post your new pages and process this month. If you would like critique, ask for it, and try and be specific in your request. Even asking: cool? Y/N? could maybe work as we will know your expectations.

    This thread is valid until the end of September. So, that’s 20 days of work.

    Subjects can be anything that is new, no limits this month. If you want a prompt or an idea, you can riff off of the sketch challenges of the last few weeks, maybe?

    How does that sound? I’m unsure how much time I’ll have, and with inktober incoming, I wanted to see that it was available as something around asking to see your comics. So show your stuff! This might be more rewarding than inktober anyway!

    No voting, just trying to get some longer form material you want done. Anyone who is stumped can ask for prompts as well.

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