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    Brett Barkley

    Welcome to THE ART CLASH 1.1!

    This is a home for artists of all skill levels to come together and compete in weekly Clashes of art skill and daring do. If you’re a professional who enjoys competing with others to see who’s best, this is the place for you. If you’re wanting to brush up on your skills, we’ve got a challenge for you. If you’re just starting out, this is the place to be. And if you’re just wanting to have fun, we’d love to have you liven up the place. But before we begin…


    1. THE ART CLASH is a weekly art challenge. Each TUESDAY a new Art Clash challenge will be posted. You may work in ANY MEDIA you like, but you must stick to the brief of that week’s Clash. And please, no posting old work in the Art Clash. This is about encouraging growth through work, so we expect a new piece every week.
    2. Your final art will need to be uploaded to an image hosting service (here are a few I recommend: Imgur, Google Photos and Flickr) and then may be posted to that week’s Art Clash topic ANY time until SUNDAY evening at MIDNIGHT (EST). Voting begins immediately afterward and polls close on MONDAY at MIDNIGHT (EST).
    3. The artists with the most votes for the week by the close of the polls is declared that week’s winner and chooses the next Art Clash.  In addition to deciding the brief for the next Art Clash, your first victory will award you a badge to wear with pride on the forum.  If you’re good, we want people to know it.  The Art Clash has a number of badges that will both spur you on to victory and make certain you’re  recognized as the threat you are.  Some of the badges are easy to earn.  You’ve earned the first, if you’ve logged on to the site.  Set up your profile and you get another.  Join in your first Art Clash and you get another.  There are other badges for multiple victories, for critiques and advice given to others, as well as many others.  We want to encourage involvement and believe in recognizing accomplishment, so get ready to take the knocks to earn the badges!  
    4. Each Art Clash can be anything the winner chooses, but must conform to the following format:  SUBJECT AND CONCEPT.  And we ask you to refrain from anything too gratuitous or offensive.  The following are examples of the format we’d like to see: 

    Spawn done in your best Mike Mignola homage style.

    Wolverine vs  Silver Samurai in a bamboo thicket.

    A gnarled tree straight out of any high fantasy setting done in black and white.

    John Wick trying to keep his ’70 Chevelle SS on the road, while the bad guys fire at him from their BMW all in a single storyboard panel.

    Clearly, the sky’s the limit.  But why place these restrictions on the format of the Art Clashes?  Because it is designed to build us as artists.  I’ve been a professional artist for fifteen years and in that time, while I may illustrate subjects I enjoy, I’ve rarely been given carte blanche to draw those subjects in scenes and scenarios I’ve chosen.  Publishing restrictions, story restrictions, time restrictions–all of these place limits on what I can do in my work.  I may want to draw a superhero fight on the moon, but the art brief requires I draw an elderly couple walking their dachshund through a park on a cool autumn afternoon and the deadline is looming, so that’s what I have to do and make it look good to the very best of my ability.  The trick, I’ve learned, is to be creative WITHIN the restrictions given.  This can be a challenge, but overcoming it will make you a better artist, more capable of thinking creatively outside your areas of strength.

    So, welcome and please jump right in!



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